Hornby R8213 Select DCC Control Unit

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Hornby R8213 Select Digital Controller

The Hornby Select–the perfect way to enter the digital world of model railways. The Select offers regulate of up to 59 locomotives and, providing power is available, can run 10 locomotives at any one time. The Select can also operate 38 accessories including point motors when used with the R8247 Point/Accessory Decoder or the R8216 Point Decoder. The stylish design presents the entire regulate features available from the Select at the operator’s finger tips. From the smooth operation of the rotary regulate to the large LCD the Select is an ideal way to enter the digital world of model railways.

Note: this digital controller is compatible only with DCC locomotives. DCC Ready locomotives can be converted to DCC with either the R8249 or R8245 decoder chips.

Simple to understand and even simpler to use

You can regulate up to 10 locomotives concurrently (providing power is available) and more power can be added via a 4 amp transformer (not included). The unit can be hand held or left free standing. It can programme 59 locomotives and 38 accessories and requires no batteries.

Program the unit for versatility and control

The Select controller incorporates 128 speed steps for smooth locomotive regulate. The Select can also be used as a ‘Walkabout’ unit when connected to another Hornby Select unit or the Hornby Elite unit. Up to eight Select ‘Walkabout’ units can be connected to the Select for individual regulate of nine locomotives. It accommodates up to eight locomotive functions, including switching on and off locomotive lights and sounds such as whistles and horns when used with locomotives fitted with sound decoders.

Front view of the controller  Hornby R8213 Select DCC Control Unit R8213 Front View



The keypad has 16 keys used to register and programme locomotives or accessories and set acceleration levels, deceleration levels, direction settings and emergency stops. The Select allows for 59 locomotives and 38 accessories to be registered to the unit. Each locomotive can be coded with up to 99 levels of acceleration and deceleration speeds. Locomotives have ID numbers allocated to them from 1 – 59 and in a similar fashion accessories are given numbers of 61 – 99.

Side view of the controller  Hornby R8213 Select DCC Control Unit R8213 Side View

The display screen of the Select shows the number of the locomotive or accessory that is in the process of being selected. This number will flash until the Select button is pressed. The number will remain on the screen until another locomotive or accessory is chosen. The screen also displays quite a lot of other functions and operating instructions that the Select features.

Rotary Control

Once the locomotive required to run has been ‘called up’ and the direction of go back and forth has been made up our minds the model is ready to go. By turning the rotary regulate clockwise the locomotive will move off with the speed being proportional to the amount the regulate knob has been rotated. If an acceleration level has been chosen then a more gradual acceleration can be expected depending on the setting. To slow the locomotive down, the knob is turned anti-clockwise and, similar to the acceleration programming, if a deceleration setting has been coded into the locomotive the model will gradually slow.


The Select is powered by a 220v AC wall-mounted switch mode transformer that not directly supplies 1 amp 15v AC power to the track as well as 15v DC power to an uncontrolled outlet which can be used as an alternative electrical source to provide power for point motors and accessories in the traditional analogue manner. Please note: when operating point motors from the uncontrolled output it may turn into necessary to to use a capacitor discharge unit to avoid “tripping” the transformers’ safety cut out. A larger 4 amp transformer is available for use with the Select unit which will provide additional power to the tracks making an allowance for more locomotives to be run concurrently.

Safety Warning

Contains small parts that could be a choking hazard.

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