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Two or four digit addressing
All 28 NMRA accessory functions
Run up to 99 throttles



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0001414 Prodigy Advance 2 Squared DCC System

From the Manufacturer

MRC’s Prodigy Advance2 (Squared) is a sophistocated, yet easy to operate Digital Command Control System with world beating features. Never before has advanced DCC been so enjotable to operate. The design is so brilliant and user friendly that all the basic operating instructions are printed on the back of the handheld and walk you through most operations with the easy to read LCD. Tedious pages and pages of complex engineering speak are not required to run your railroad. Run 99 simultaneous throttles. Running is intuitive and programming easy with the features listed PLUS: All 28 NMRA functions, program all CV’s, 25 Recall and Stack features, Fast clock with adjustable ratios. 3.5 Amp output. Upgradable to wireless without modification. 14-28/128 speed steps. Advanced consisting, programming on the main or program track, “Yard” mode or “mainline” mode. Computer interface capability. Quick readout on the value of each decoder. two or four digit addressing, Turnout routing, and more. Three throttle plugs on the base unit. Comes with Base Unit, Power Supply, handheld controller with easy to read LCD and cables. Backed by MRC’s 60 plus years of experience making the worlds finest train controls.

Two or four digit addressing
All 28 NMRA accessory functions
Run up to 99 throttles
Program all CVs with ease
Program on the main or the program track without affecting active locos

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